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“I must be willing to give up what I am to become what I will be” – Albert Einstein

Unlock Your Team

The entire world suffered a significant shock in 2020. Covid 19 has cut across all boundaries and impacted people biologically, economically and psychologically. Our mission to help people make progress towards their best self is even more relevant today.

We are tackling the stress and anxiety epidemic, by supporting organisations with the Mind Fitness approach to mental health and wellbeing. Informed by neuroscience and delivered, online or face to face, using creative learning techniques to maximise positive outcomes. Our system is unique, our evidence is robust and our impact is measurable.

Mind Fitness Training harnesses the extraordinary power of the human brain to unlock individual and collective potential so that people live and work better. We deliver learning and development programmes that support individual growth and thereby accelerate progress towards your organisational goals.

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thinking – using the Mind Fitness system it is possible to make daily progress towards a happier, more productive and increasingly fulfilled life.

The wellbeing of your workforce is fundamental to your bottom line and it’s surprising how easily it can be embedded into your company culture.


Getting Started



We conduct an in-depth needs analysis using our three key areas of focus in order to understand your challenges, your aspirations and your potential. It is important for us to understand as much as possible about the good, the bad and the ugly of the full circumstances you are engaged with as an organisation



we create a unique programme that provides effective strategies for achieving your goals, using face-to-face and digital learning. This will include focus on agreed business areas and alignment on the key metrics that are being targeted for your business e.g. absence levels, productivity, staff satisfaction levels, staff turnover, acquisition costs or any other measures that matter to you and your people



We begin work in your organisation and monitor individual and collective progress in the targeted areas and against the agreed performance goals. We will always look to evaluate the impact of our work at agreed milestones – where appropriate we will make suggestions that will increase the effectiveness of our system and further accelerate progress towards achieving your ambitions

Our Training Programmes

There are three parts to the Unlock Your Team learning and development programme:



Raising awareness and removing stigma through live online, e-learning and to face to face training courses.  Mind Fitness Training instructors are Mental Health First Aid England trained and approved and we deliver three different levels of training starting with four hour awareness through to the two day First Aider Certificate course. We also have our own ‘An introduction to Good Mental Health’ one hour e-learning course which can be used as part of Induction training for employees across many sectors



Understanding the brain and its potential. Our core cognitive training solutions from one hour live online, e-learning, through to 2 day live workshops.

All of our Mind Fitness Training courses promote an awareness and understanding of the brain and its capabilities. Learning to create neural pathways that enable life changing benefits in how we think, feel and behave. The heart of Mind Fitness

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Helping to close the skills gap inside your organisation. Through the Unlock Your Team programme, we promote lasting gains in the acquisition and deployment of new business skills. We cover all aspects of communication, collaboration and building a success culture. Courses are delivered live online, via e-learning and through face to face training and coaching sessions.

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Online Training

We deliver a range of immersive and interactive online training courses taken from the three key areas of the Unlock Your Team programme.

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We have a wealth of experience and expertise and we love to listen to our clients identify their challenges and ambitions. Our techniques utilise the latest scientific evidence and our ability to motivate and engage your people is second to none. Call now by phone or email  (LINK)