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Online Courses

Our Live Online Training Courses are delivered in sessions between 1, and 4 hours, and through distance learning. We keep group numbers low so that our trainers are able to support learners in a safe and productive environment.

Our training techniques are designed to provide measurable learning outcomes that can be sustained. Our prices are competitive, and we are focused on delivering exceptional results for the financial investment you make with us.

There are three parts to the Unlock Your Team online training programme:


Mental Health Training

Addressing stigma, promoting understanding and preserving life


Cognitive Training

Scientifically proven ways to improve how we think, feel and behave


Business Smart Training

Closing the skills gap to allow people to function with confidence

Individually, or as a combination, our online training courses will support the Wellbeing Strategy for your organisation.

Mental Health Training

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MHFA England – Mental Health First Aid

On completion you will be a certified Mental Health First Aider.

Learning takes place through 4 live online training sessions, spread across two weeks, with self-learning activities in between.

MHFA England – Mental Health Aware

This course will teach you to understand what mental health is, how to challenge stigma and common mental health issues.

4 hour course

Cognitive Training

Managing Anxiety

We must not underestimate the stress that we are all under as we try to cope with unprecedented change to our lives.

1 hour course

Staying Positive

A positive outlook depends on robust rational thinking. If positivity is superficial, it floods away when a crisis comes along.

1 hour course

Better Sleep

We look at our need for sleep, the different types of sleep, and the impact of sleep on every aspect of our lives.

1 hour course


Developing Mindfulness practice that increases focus and personal performance

2 hour course

Managing Your Mindset

Learn tools to stop the self-sabotage and think your best think

2 hour course

Build Resilience

Powerfully enhance your resilience by changing the way you respond to adversity

2 hour course

Setting and Achieving Goals

Use goal setting and alignment to release aspirations and potential

2 hour course

Understanding and Managing Stress

Learn to harness positive pressure and reduce negative and damaging stress

2 hour course

Feel Positive

Learn to manage your emotions and build a positive outlook and self-image

2 hour course

Sleep Masterclass

Learn techniques to sleep better to enhance health and performance

2 hour course

Business Smart Training

Sales Techniques

An introduction to proven techniques that make sales success a certainty

2 hour course

Presentation Techniques

Develop your presentation skills across a variety of business settings

2 hour course

Personal Effectiveness

An examination of the behaviours that make collaborative working more successful

2 hour course